Food and wine festival in Australia

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Write an article on analyze an existing food and wine festival in Australia.

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“The festival celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2007. With the theme Celebrate the Blend the festival showcases the rich diversity of the Barossa region and celebrates the food, the wine and the people. Today, the Barossa is South Australia’s leading wine tourism asset along with the Barossa Vintage Fest.” (Barossa valley events 2000).Variety of wine products is available in the festival, some of them rare. The ‘Rare and Distinguished wine auction is a peculiar event in the festival. We can meet the manufacturers of the wine through the “legends behind the barrel” program. Many types of family programs and entertainment activities are arranged in the event. The event commencing from Easter Saturday lasts over nine days. All of the Barossa community take part in the event. More than 100 stage events are presented by many groups of the community. Along with food and wine, arts, crafts, music an historical events are also staged.

The vintage festival encompasses all the aspects of the Barossa community such as businesses, civic groups, churches and individuals. They all participate by engaging in different activities and this is the major factor for success of the event. (Barossa vintage festival n.d.).In this report the potential tourism development opportunities related to the Barossa Vintage Festival are discussed. The report first discusses the potential opportunities of the destination as a food and wine and event tourism location in connection with the festival. Vision, Planning, SWOT analysis, marketing and sponsorship, legal and risk management and evaluation relating to the event are analyzed in order to find out its current marketing position for providing appropriate recommendations for improvement. Tourism is an important sector of the economy of Australia. There are many special events conducted in the country as part of their tourism development activities.

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