Fitness Assignments

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Assignment

Creating a thesis and an outline on Fitness Assignments. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The client is a complete beginner to exercise and have not attended any fitness program before. In addition, the client possesses an active lifestyle with high intake of junk food. No cardio respiratory diseases or blood sugar abnormalities were identified to relate with the family history of the client. The client’s secondary motive is to remain fit and healthy. On the other hand, the primary goal of the client is to become a basketball player. A detailed information about the client has been presented below in a tabular format.

Basketball is recognized as a ‘non-contact’ sport, wherein body contact is commonly witnessed among the players. Hence, basketball players usually require muscular strengths as well as body mass to maintain their position against the opponents. In this regard, certain qualities are extremely important for the basketball players to acquire a competitive edge over the opponents. Speed, agility and quick recovery are a few major fitness components that are essential for developing the performance of the individual players as well as team. The goals of the client behind attending training are to become a basketball player and keep self-fit and healthy.

Hence, in line with these goals of the client, certain specific methods of testing by which further assessments can be gauged against for effective training have been designed. These testing methods will include ‘test of jumping’, ‘test of agility’, and ‘tests of strength’ (Sporis, Naglic, Milanovic, Talovic, & Jeleskovic, 2010).On each exercise, 20-30 sec work will be performed with 20-40sec recovery after the completion of each exercise. At the same time, warm up before starting exercise and cooling down after exercise will also be performed.The following exercise circuit has been set up for conducting a resistance-based circuit so that the fellow students work in each body part.

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