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First person narrative

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Write a two-page first person narrative (double-spaced, 12-point font) that explains an event in your past that may seem very insignificant to another person but is nevertheless significant to you. This event should be something that will define you and let me know more about you. Just as all the characters from our readings taught you something, this may be a learning moment for your readers. As you look at the title of Lesson 2, you might understand that you can embellish or make the events in your narrative more exciting, marketable, or just plain better. Feel free to make yourself as cool as you want to be within the bounds of your narrative. Even though only two pages are required, you need to include the following in order to receive full credit and a good grade.

The following will be graded:an interesting and captivating introduction a strong voice and personality a good character description of self and others in the paper (internal and external)a plot or clear event happening dialogue among characters strong sensory description (especially of the setting)good revisions and editing on paper from draft to draft a clear and understandable end in which the significance of the event is explained your narrative should be based on an actual occurrence, but you may embellish and be creative

You should think of an experience where something normal happened; however, that seemingly insignificant event could really be significant to you for some reason. The next few pages include writing tips that you should use as you write your narrative.


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