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Firms experiencing evolutionary cycles

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Why do firms experience evolutionary cycles in which there is a fit between strategy and structure, punctuated with periods in which strategy and structure are reshaped? Provide examples of global firms that have experienced this pattern. Choose a CEO of a prominent firm that you believe exemplifies the positive aspects of strategic leadership. What actions does this CEO take that demonstrate effective strategic leadership? What are the effects of those actions on the firm’s performance? Use your notes for this weeks material to help. Please respond to a classmate’s post with 3 meaningful sentences:A fit between strategy and structure is essential as both the components keep evolving with time. Therefore, if the structure does not change with strategy then that might lead to misallocation of resources and would reduce efficiency. Starbucks reshaped its structure to meet its strategic goals.Sheila Johnson is the co-founder of Bet cable network; she is an exemplary leader in the USA due to her profile and performance. Sheila believes in character creation, and thus she concentrates in character molding rather than supervision. She says that she wants every employee to take responsibility with dignity and respect despite the use of policies to make them work. Sheila emphasis the need for employees to be proud of their jobs. To foster this Johnson strive to make a decision that makes the goodness of the firm and give it a priority.


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