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Write an argumentative essay on Finance executives recognize the benefits of method’s green efficiencies.

Needs to be 2 pages.

Please no plagiarism.

The funds may be used to invest in other areas for example in research or advertising. Once the carbon acquires the greener products that do not release carbon in the atmosphere, it can enjoy the benefit of carbon offsetting. This implies that its tax liability would be reduced, thus making the total liabilities to reduce resulting to higher profits. Companies in various industries have embarked on investing in greener brands in a short run even though it is expensive. The collaboration between finance and operations departments at Method may result to the Method pursuing greener activities that are costly in the short run. It is vital to note that businesses should have long terms perspectives such as increased customers, going global and product diversification among others. Such perspectives can be attained by looking at the current situation. For example, Method can introduce greener household brand that is expensive.

Once it starts to advertise the brand and the government as well as customers notice that such product does not cause harm to the environment, it may be highly demanded in the international market in the next few years. This will definitely increase the company sales and improve its image in the global market where competition is very stiff. The same way, a greener car may be expensive for example if Method decides to acquire around 10 cars. However, the government may after some time offset the company corporate tax with the Method’s carbon footprint (Gillenwater 16). This will result to low liability and high profit for Method. The increased demand for household products has resulted to stiff competition among the firms in the industry. The companies have come up with different strategies in addition reducing prices. I think also other household companies just like Method are beginning to realize how green products can improve their financial conditions. For example, some companies have introduced initiatives.

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