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Final Film Review on Scarface

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Write an essay on Final Film Review on Scarface. Write a 1250 word paper answering; When the duo land the United States they get employed in small time jobs, but are not too successful Soon they get hired by a person named Omar Suarez, who wanted them to pay money to a group of Colombians. However, the deal goes wrong and Tony and Manny escape with the money. Soon after this episode, they catch up with Frank Lopez, the drug kingpin who has a daughter named Elvira. Tony gets employed by Lopez, and climbs the ladder of success quite quickly.

However, he soon falls in love with Elvira and faces a lot of hardship. Soon Tony comes to terms with himself when he understands that those who want it all, have to pay the price as well. As Montana builds his drug empire in Miami, his power increases and so does his ego and paranoia which as time goes by threatens to shake the very foundations of his empire. His enemies are a plenty and they begin to come after him without respite as they swear to drag him down from his pedestal.

Scarface has all the elements of a good story. The elements contained within the framework of this film sets it apart from things like plays, novels or activities like sculpture or painting. (pg. 32) In the book ‘The Art of watching films’ authors Joseph M. Boggs and W. Petrie shed light on some of the critical aspects of film reviewing. According to them, a film is unique if its premise depends on certain important factors which include – 1) The objective and 2) The subjective. The objective includes the external factors and rests heavily on the laws of probability. A good example of such a situation in the film Scarface would be when the refugees are allowed to visit their relatives in the United States. Another example would be the elements that paved the way for Montana’s rise to becoming a drug kingpin himself.


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