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Figurative and Literal Meanings of Phrases

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Essay Figurative and Literal Meanings of Phrases. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.There are different figures of speech that are commonly used to construct the figurative meanings of the language, such as metaphor, irony, synecdoche and metonymy. These figures of speech are commonly used in phrases to present different figurative meanings of the language and present the literal meanings of the language in a very interesting and colorful way. For instance, the phrase 1 compares the life with a game without using the words like or as. In this type of figurative language the comparison has been made between the two things to show the similarities between them. The ups and downs of life and the unexpected and unpredictable outcomes have been compared with that of a game. The use of metaphor adds depth of the expression rather simply by putting that one has to face many fluctuations in life. it is said beautifully that life is a game and these words explain all that could not be explained using simple words and language. Simply the phrase 2 tells about the power of the words and their impact. It does not literally means that the words of the men have power to kill someone, but it is the figurative representation of the fact that words reach the listeners and readers in no time and they could have same strong effects upon them as a bullet can.Phrase 3 compares America with a melting pot. Literary it means that America is a place where people of all styles and cultures usually live. It doesn’t refer to something used for mixing and melting the metal.


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