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EX73. __________ is demonstrated when an independent choice is made by one party not to deal with another party. A. Non-price vertical restraint B. Monopoly to deal C. Unilateral refusal to deal D. Conscious parallelism4. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is __________. A. a communion of two state-funded regulatory bodies working together to ensure consumer safety B. a federal body created to ensure the safety of a few consumer products like motor vehicles, boats, aircraft, and firearms C. an independent federal administrative agency that regulates potentially dangerous consumer products D. a federal agency working to ensure product safety standards for food, poultry, medicines, and medical devices10. Which of the following would be considered a stationary source of air pollution? A. aircrafts B. oil rigs C. cargo ships D. automobiles13. Which of the following powers allows administrative agencies to issue substantive rules? A. rule making B. executive power C. judicial authority D. licensing14. The Federal Trade Commission, which enforces federal antitrust and consumer protection laws, is an example of a(n. __________. A. independent federal administrative agency B. government-aided organization C. law enforcement agency D. cabinet-level federal department15. The Superfund Act, administered by the EPA, gives the federal government a mandate to __________. A. establish marine sanctuaries in ocean waters as far seaward as the edge of the continental shelf B. impose fines on buildings and offices that cause harm to their occupants due to indoor air pollution C. clean up hazardous wastes that have been spilled, stored, or abandoned D. set standards on toxic substances that can be used or sold17. Which of the following is a primary cause of sick building syndrome in the United States? A. large number of outside ducts B. unsealed windows C. thinly insulated buildings D. hazardous construction materials24. A given or required right to make limited use of someone else’s land without owning or leasing it is called a(n) ________. A. zoning ordinance B. title insurance C. easement D. abstract of title28. The rights to the earth located beneath the surface of the land are defined as __________. A. chattel rights B. air rights C. mineral rights D. joint rights31. Which of the following is true about real property? A. Real property refers to personal property permanently attached to a land. B. Real property can be either tangible or intangible property. C. Real property cannot become personal property under any circumstances. D. Real property includes land with property permanently attached to it.32. __________ is a form of co-ownership that includes the right of survivorship as well as the right of tenants to unilaterally transfer their interest without the consent of co-tenants. ? A. Tenancy in common B. Joint tenancy C. Cooperatives D. Tenancy by the entirety33. The voluntary transfer of title to property without payment of consideration by the receiver is known as a(n. __________. A. adverse possession B. future interest C. gift D. purchase37. A __________ is a right of possession that returns to the grantor after the expiration of a limited or contingent estate. A. reversion B. remainder C. quiet title action D. nonconforming use3. __________ is demonstrated when an independent choice is made by one party not to dealwith another party.A. Non-price vertical restraintB. Monopoly to dealC. Unilateral refusal to dealD….


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