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Faustian Bargain in Dorian Gray

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Compose a 750 words essay on Faustian Bargain in Dorian Gray. Needs to be plagiarism free!The Faustian character that propels the book all the way to the end is introduced in chapter two of the book.The Faustian legend had sold his soul to the devil so that he could get power and knowledge. This is something that raises a question of external influence as well as the unpardonable sin of despair. It is certainly not acceptable for Faustian to have made such a pact with the devil. Dorian faces a temptation and he falls for it thereby giving up his soul to get what he wanted. He seduces a young woman and then leads her to her death. In this instance, the aspect of the Faustian bargain that comes out is its tempting nature. Dorian is unable to resist the temptation of having the ability to remain young (Wilde, 2006). This temptation drives him to lose his soul to the devil.

Dorian comes out as someone who fears the signs of old age and thus dreams of being forever young. His wish about the painting is what brings in the Faust theme which is articulately developed to the end. Just like this Faustian legend, Doran is involved in such a pact and gets his wish of remaining young but it also causes the death and destruction of those around him (Wilde, 2006). This clearly brings out the evil nature of the Faustian bargain. It is a deal which benefits the one involved in it but those who surround him are destroyed. Even though Dorian was able to be young and avoid old age, he still demonstrated signs of despair for the unpardonable sin of getting into a pact with the devil. This also elucidates that such engagements bring about temporarily benefits to those engaged in them. In the end, however, they are unable to help themselves even after losing their souls.

As the Doran character and the Faust they evolve, the readers may have questions about the role that Lord Henry was playing and how he contributes to the Faustian theme. If Lord Henry is not the devil himself, then it seems that he may be playing the part of the devil.


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