Family court

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Family court judges generally do not consider children’s preferences in cusa.Vygotsky would agree with Piaget. b.Higher-level thinking develops as a child’s experiences expand and his or her language abilities grow. Once the child develops inner speech (such as telling oneself to do something while playing), that child has developed higher-level cognition and should be allowed to have a voice in custody cases. c.Higher-level thinking develops in fits and starts. Some children develop it earlier, regress to lower levels of thinking, and then move back into utilizing higher-order thinking. Judges need to have children assessed by developmental psychologists before considering their opinions. d.Higher-level thinking really does not develop until adolescence, when hormones force connections in the frontal lobe to rewire. Until after puberty, children lack the higher-level thinking required to make major decisions, such as those in custody casestody disputes until they are at least age 12. In contrast to Piaget, what would Vygotsky say about this guideline?

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