Fallacy Spotting

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Assignment

Write an essay on Fallacy Spotting. It needs to be at least 250 words.An appeal to pity or fear also known as the Galileo argument, means a professional has been suffering that he/she might lose loss his/her house due to some dysfunction. Under different situations human being evoke to the appeal to pity or fear emotion. Fear of God and fear of terrorism generates appeal to pity or fear in the human mind. At the time of appeal to pity or fear, different kinds of reasoning come to the mind of the arguer along with opposing party. Emotions have been affecting human behavior in a very inappropriate manner, which is also harmful for the future (Rainbolt and Dwyer 1-446).Therefore, appealing to the emotions like pity or fear is unidentified force created by the arguer, it negatively affect the opponents without knowing the actual reason, whether he/she will surrender to the arguer (Walton 1-55). Pity or fear is a very strong as well as forceful emotion, which made the opponent helpless and at a point of time opponent is forced to give up the

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