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Write an article on Journey in the Faculty of Education.

The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Being a teacher has been the most rewarding experience for me. According to me a teacher’s role can be described in two words – an educator and a counselor. I believe that both these responsibilities are crucial as they enable the teacher to sharpen the minds and shape the character of their students. As an educator I ensured that I shared my knowledge of the subject in a manner that is best understood by all the students. Over the years I have explored several research material, attended workshops and events and learnt the many qualities that an educator should possess in order to be successful at their work.

From the knowledge and experience that I had gained I provided my students with study materials, answered their queries, conducted tests to ascertain their level of understanding of the subject and finally assessed the student’s performance. In addition to my principle role as an educator I also donned the role of a counselor and I strongly believe that through counseling teachers can develop reciprocal and supportive relations with students. From my experience I have learnt that in some cases teachers are expected to intervene and solve some problems connected with the student’s personal life due to its influence on the student’s academic performance. Being a counselor also implies giving the right motivation and encouragement to students. However, at times problems can arise if a student misunderstands such an encouragement from teachers and get too personal with the teacher. At such situations, I believe that it is the concerned teacher’s responsibility to make the student understand the limits of their relationship by effectively communicating their views. This would help to provide the right motivations for the students and prevent any form of deviant behavior. Such clarifications will make the educational process more effective and at the same time enjoyable for both the student and the teacher. It is common knowledge that a teacher’s roles is to be a bridge to the community. Apart from imparting academic knowledge, building character and behavior of the students, I also strongly believe that teachers need to teach community and societal responsibilities to their students.

Teachers must teach their students to stick to the rules and norms of the society and community in which they live and duly perform their responsibilities. They should also provide moral and ethical underpinnings of life to their students. This would help children grow in to socially responsible individuals and prevent them from indulging in any kind of immoral or unethical behavior. Teachers association with students occurs during their childhood and teenage years when a student’s psychology and world outlook are being formed. which is why it is so important to provide the knowledge that will help students to take important decisions in life. With the many roles undertaken by a teacher they ultimately share a special bonding with the student as they play the role of a parent in this second family. I believe that teachers should be a guiding role-model to their students in all ways beginning with their appearance, behavior and communication as students spend their major hours of the day with them. From my experience I have also learnt that encouraging open communication in a class promotes better understanding between the teacher and students.

Applying a wide range of teaching strategies such as incorporating music and visual presentations in accordance with the curriculum also enables the student to gain a strong foundation and understanding of the subject. Such strategies generally have a better reach among the students and it promotes reasoning and individual thought process of the students. The goal of the teacher should be to enable the students to think more creatively, discover answers and increase their knowledge base in addition to covering the information provided in the study material. Finally in addition to maintaining a good rapport with their students I believe that teachers should always keep in touch with their parents and constantly update them on the performance of their wards. In totality my experience as a teacher has been a rewarding and enriching experience and I want to inculcate knowledge and responsibility to many more students in the years to come.

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