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Extreme wealth

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Essay on Extreme wealth. Paper must be at least 250 words. Sadly Barbara clarifies that their wealth results from the usual trick of overcharging their buyers, clutching their employees and polluting the environment.The rich also seem to be taking over lucrative sectors such as the mining industry and the farming sector. This happens while the government seems to be lenient and partially dependent on some rich folks (Barbara 553).The rich also have a positive impact in the society. There is a probability that wealthy individuals might share their riches and assist those in need. The rich may sit idle, but money does not because it goes through banks or other networks and eventually draws back benefits for the society. Unless the wealth is stored in the form of land or gold which is not in use therefore making the asset an incentive or a security for the rich individual (Barbara 556).Ultimately, all Americans would love to realize the American dream of financial independence. Astonishingly, the dream is among the means of developing the ethical foundations of a nation. Rich Americans seem to undercut and undermine the core values that make up the dream by trying to use shortcuts (Barbara 559). The wealthy are trying to manipulate and oppress the poor for their own selfish needs. They are culpable and should be blamed for the economic inequality


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