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Exploring strategy: starbucks &nbsp.The Starbucks’ experience has been constantly present in the developed world, explaining why it has earned a remarkable market share in the developed regions. Starbucks has been keen on identifying emerging markets in other regions of the world, especially in the Asian countries that have registered fast growth in the recent past. Starbucks’ main strategy is product differentiation, explaining why the company has been venturing into launching new products that suit the needs of the identified target market. The company has a range of premium products targeting its esteemed customers and conforming to their unique needs. Over time, Starbucks has moved on to achieve focused differentiation. Moreover, the Starbucks Company has adopted an expansion strategy in an effort to ensure its presence in both local and international regions. These strategies have contributed to the increased profitability of the company (Bussing-Burks 79). One of Starbucks’ strategies in focus differentiation is in accordance with Porter’s Generic Strategies. According to Porter’s generic strategy, differentiation involves the designing of a diverse range of products. This happens through high levels of innovation and creativity in an effort to provide customers with a diverse range of unique products. Without a doubt, the Starbucks Company has achieved this strategy because it has a diverse range of products that its customers can choose. Initially, Starbucks offered coffee but has lately differentiated offering different flavors of coffee and other beverages as well. Starbucks product differentiation has extended beyond the availability of a premium product mix to include numerous strategic locations and exemplary customer service, attached to the premium products&nbsp. Therefore, Starbucks has established itself as a premium brand.

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