Existential approach

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Submit Article Review on one of the following:Existential Approach,Person-Centered Approach,Gestalt Therapy in Groups and how it relates to group counseling.1.Begin with an APA formatted Title Page: Be sure it includes course name, your name, my name, institution’s name, and Running head.2. Include an Abstract page.4. Next include a ONE-page summary of the article. It should be written in your own words.5. Finally, include your critique. It should address the following three questions: This should be two pages, the majority of your paper.A. How is this work useful to me as an aspiring counselor?B. How does this work contribute to the field of counseling?C. What new research do the authors generate by writing this article?D. What limitations were found in the current research/study?6. Include a reference page with your article name, journal title, etc.7. Your complete article review should be 3-4 pages PLUS title page, abstract page and reference page.

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