Exercise and healthy bones

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Here is the data https://www.webassign.net/mintrostat/data/12_39/data43.dat3.+ 0.18/2 points | Previous Answers MIntroStat9 12.E.065My Notes . Ask Your TeacherMany studies have suggested that there is a link between exercise and healthy bones. Exercise stresses the bones and this causes them to get stronger. One study examined the effect of jumping onthe bone density of growing rats. There were three treatments: a control with no jumping, a low-jump condition (the jump height was 30 centimeters), and a high-jump condition (60 centimeters).After 8 weeks of 10 jumps per day, 5 days per week, the bone density of the rats (expressed in mg/cm" ) was measured. Here are the data. data43.dat(a) Make a table giving the sample size, mean, and standard deviation for each group of rats. Consider whether or not it is reasonable to pool the variances. (Round your answers for x, s, andST to one decimal place. )GroupSControlLow jumpHigh jump(b) Run the analysis of variance. Report the F statistic with its degrees of freedom and P-value. What do you conclude? (Round your test statistic to two decimal places and your P-value tothree decimal places.)F=P =Conclusion: There is astatistically significant difference between the three treatment means at the a = .05 level.eBocok

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