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Write a 2 page essay on Executive Summary. There are also programs catering to mature enthusiasts and former gymnasts. The goal is to come up with a sustainable path for Xtreme Gymnastics moving forward with this differentiation positioning, alongside a credible business plan focused on sustainable and profitable growth (Taylor, 2003). The situational analysis reveals, meanwhile, that the overall macroeconomic and macro demographic indicators point to the continued potential of the American market overall to sustain and nurture business concerns such as Xtreme Gymnastics, offering the kinds of programs that it has outlined (Amadeo, 2012a. Kotkin, 2012. Moffatt, 2012. Newman, 2012). The wisdom of segmenting the market by gender and age is validated meanwhile, by data showing that female children and young people dominate the enrollment in gymnastics programs nationally and in almost all geographies. Combining insights from the external market analysis and the characteristics of the most active market segments, it is clear that long-term prospects continue to support a healthy growth for successful players in the market for differentiated, private gymnastics programs. The target market has been identified as young females aged 6-16 years, with emphasis on the market segment defined by females aged 11-12, historically the single largest demographic by degree of participation (US Gymnastics, 2007).The marketing objective shall be to grow the business with the target markets using high staff qualification and safe, friendly, high quality programs and facilities as points of differentiation (usagym,org, 2012). Marketing strategies and tactics shall be aligned with this quality and differentiation-driven marketing objective, and shall include information campaigns to heighten brand awareness and awareness of the programs on offer at Xtreme Gymnastics. promotional activities leveraging social media to do the same. complementing the programs offerings with……….


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