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What is the “Donation of Constantine” and why was it important in the Middle Ages? Before the start of Christianity, idol worship was common and many tribes and people prefer to use images and stones for the sake of worship. In this process, they consider them as a source of help and support for carrying out their routine activities. In other words, they were of the opinion that idol worship was essential. More importantly, this practice was caused by the fact that, at that time, there was no religion and no prophet had preached to them. However, the idol worship started to fade as prophets along with the message of Lord guided them and informed them about the true God.

What reading or image so far in the course has been the most interesting and rewarding for you, and why? You must give examples and support details to explain your choice, not just a variation on “I just liked it.” The image mentioned in the question number 4 considerably fascinates attraction. First, the image is a perfect depiction of the Lord Jesus and reverence for His work and effort for the moral and ethical betterment of the Christian faith. More importantly, the crucifixion of Jesus and feelings of people sitting below highlights one of the greatest sacrifices of Jesus for promoting this faith. Such contribution is rare in the entire history of Christianity as many of the followers only provided the limited share of sacrifice when their sacrifice share is compared with the sacrifice given by Jesus.

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