Event planning industry

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Write a research paper on in event planning industry.

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This one event can lead to many different risks. Specific risks are the risk of flooding, other damages to plumbing lines, possible shut down of water to nearby facilities which leads to ill proper use of the golf course and hotel/ casino. If the two businesses were forced to shut down due to no water, this would lead to many stakeholders being at risk. The second risk was when the catering company continued to get a fork lift loaded with banquet tables stuck in the mud that was produced from damaging the water line. If the catering company was unable to get to the event because of mud, it is likely that other companies would have the same issue. In order to minimize theses risks, it takes someone who can work well under pressure and is able to utilize necessary human resource skills to get the job done. An event manager needs to be prepared for a crisis to happen and have a different plan in force to help minimize risk even if the crisis does not happen.

Being prepared is the first step in minimizing any risk associated with certain types of events. It is important to be prepared to make sure all vendors and stakeholders suffer the least amount of damage in a crisis that cannot be minimized. To make sure that the stakeholders suffer the least amount of risk, the problem with the damaged water line needs to be properly addressed. With only a few hours remaining until the start of the event, the damage has to be assessed and it needs to be determined whether or not the water line can be replaced, how long it will take, and what needs to change if it cannot be replaced in time. The catering company is going to have to wait for the ground to dry up, or get a bigger machine in there that can quickly get the fork lift out of the mud. If the fork lift is unable to be removed, the tables are going to have to be moved by hand along with the rest of any items. Human Resource Management/ Traditional? Human resource management can be defined as the management of employees. Since events consist of many vendors to make sure the event is successful, human resource management for events is similar for any traditional business environment. It is similar in the role of the management professional but, actually more complex than a traditional business setting.

Human resource management for events is highly more complex as it does not deal with normal day to day operations. Different types of crisis’ can occur that makes the work of the one involved in human resources much more complex. The complexity is subject to fast problem solving, intervention, dealing with different types of vendors, and making changes where necessary. Every aspect is important when managing an event to make sure the event goes according to plan. Venue Investigation When planning an event it is important that the event is properly investigated to make sure it will fit everyone’s needs, involve the least chance of crisis, leave enough time for planning and an adequate amount of attendees. Choosing a venue such as a golf course located within a casino/ hotel, it was important to check the facility to make sure it was capable of meeting the events needs. This is so in order to make sure there is enough room for guests, parking, overnight stay and easy access to places such as airports/ freeways. Once the event site was chosen, the venue had to meet the attendee’s expectations.

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