Evaluation and Dissemination

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Write an article on Evaluation and Dissemination. It needs to be at least 250 words. Evaluation and Dissemination How will you evaluate your strategy success once implemented? In order to evaluate the success of the implemented strategy, the execution of a strategic evaluation plan can be dully accepted. The inclusion of strategic evaluation plan significantly helps to ensure, whether the proposed evaluation processes are effectively conducted in an appropriate sequence within a reasonable timeline along with budget that has been allocated to complete each task. Therefore, critical assessment of each activity in relation to their postulated goals relating to quality, completion time, and their appropriate sequence can helps to identify the success of a strategy. Moreover, examining of costs and pre-allocated resource constraints that had been included in the activities can also enable to identify the level of success of a strategy. In addition, a process of identifying different strategic measures and practices that were executed to deal with different risks or challenges and evaluating their outcomes can also facilitate to measure the level of success of a particular business strategy (Dobbins et al., 2002). 2. How will you share your findings with others in your facility?Dissemination of findings has major significance as it helps to understand about changes and provides effective directions to achieve postulated goals. The communication plan will be conducted for sharing findings by involving individuals and transmitting changes that can enable them to increase their operational efficiency. In this context, safeguarding an open and clear communication of the success of a strategy can enable each individual to increase their efficiency. Moreover, dissemination of key strategic measures and practices that were executed can further enable each individual to ratify their operational skills and help to identify effective set of practices. The communication process includes reporting system wherein all the strategic measures and practices are discussed with both internal and external groups of stakeholders. The process will enable to increase validity, reliability and value of the organization towards its stakeholders and ensure to build long-term sustainability (Durlak & DuPre, 2008). ReferencesDobbins, M., Ciliska, D., Cockerill, R., Barnsley, J., & DiCenso, A. (2002). A framework for the dissemination and utilization of research for health-care policy and practice. Sigma Theta Tau International, 9(7), 1-12.Durlak, J. A., & DuPre, E. P. (2008). Implementation matters: A review of research on the influence of implementation on program outcomes and the factors affecting implementation. Am J Community Psychol, 42, 327-350.

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