Ethnic sociological issue

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Essay That explores an ethnic sociological issue. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.As a proof, statistics reveal that one in four women undergo domestic violence in their lifetime, through research. The ratio represents 6 and 10 percent, while the mean percentage is 10 to 30 percent. A greater percentage of men than women confirm the gendered nature of terrorism (Pain 532). The gender discrimination and inequality is a sociological theory brought about by terrorism.Domestic violence cuts across class, age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Domestic violence is a social issue accompanied by severe consequences of the physical and mental health of the individuals experiencing it. It leads to family break ups and lowers social standards of the victims. The children are the most affected as fear instilled in them functions to control their emotional and social relations. Abrahams and Hester et al. through their researches presented in Pains’ journal, it is evident that children who witness terrorism acts grow on lowered social uncertainties. They tend to develop brutality accompanied by poor relations with peers. Most of the children ignorantly tend to emulate the terrorists actions, which is unethical. Conflict and the violence addressed relates to the sociological conflict theory. Terrorism hence has sociological impacts on the victims, and mechanisms for states and families should employ means of eliminating and avoiding it entirely.Terrorism has found root due to the racism and whiteness menace in most of the societies. Shantz defines institutional racism as the collective failure of an organization to offer an appropriate service to people of their color, culture, or ethnic origin (Shantz 65). Lack of establishments in the institutions contributes and fuels terrorism globally. Patriotism and state-based socialization may eliminate chances of occurrence of associated terrorism. The nations will fight together to eradicate global terrorism that disorients the social status of individuals and

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