Ethics questions

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Assignment

Answer all ethics and other questions in the units assigned. Number each answer so I know what goes with which question.  APA citation is required for non-law sources and the Blue Book citations are required for law resources.  Every answer needs at least one citation.Unit 7:32-9, 33-10,  35-3, 35-4, 35-6, 35-7,35-8,35-9  ( When you answer each of these questions at the end of Chapter 35 in Unit 7,  discuss the federal and the State of California requirements.)Unit 8: 42-5, 42-6, 42-7, 42-8, 42-9 Unit 9:44-7, 46-9, 47-4, 47-5, 47-6,47-9

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