Ethics, privacy, and security sides

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Create a thesis and an outline on Ethics, Privacy, and Security Sides of Computer Spammer Issue. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How do the interests of computer users differ from the interests of spammers? Spammers work under a specific agenda and policy and thereby have a different course of action to their online activities. The ordinary user uses it in a more logical and natural manner and the others use it in an abrupt manner, while ordinary users use it for purposes pertaining to the private usage and other resources. Common user might be a student, a technology follower, a news follower, gardening follower, sports follower and all the uses of such computer users are for peaceful purposes. Spammers use them to access different profiles, accounts, cause damage and get into the secure centers of the defense organizations, educational institutes, banking sectors and others. They flood the networks through continuous bombardments.The interests of ordinary users are of no threat to anyone else especially their privacy and flow of information across the network. In case of spammers the activities are motivated by damage and illegal practices.2. Do you agree with Spamhaus methodology to reduce spam? There is margin of improvement to the manner in which Spamhaus operates. It has raised the eye brows in cases where organizations have become victim of this barring process Spamhaus methodology is based on the idea of segregation. Separating the good from the bad and this is done through blocking of list of ids which are habitual offenders. Once the list is complied that of black list ids, their list is sent across the networks of institutions and organizations. However, there work and the methods adopted has resulted in various legal constraints from time to time.Though the methods adopted by them have made the task relatively easy and according to some, the inboxes would get flooded with junk and spams incase Spam haus was not in place and not conducting the operations.3. What other approaches could be taken to reduce spam?While the Spamhaus process does irk some of the business community members, due to the indiscriminate and at times random blocking, the solution can be reached by installing effective softwares and firewalls at back end that stream out the spam and other junk mails prior to reaching the customers. In this method the direct approach and reach to customers can be eliminated and as a result only those ips and addresses can reach to the customers that are authenticated and of no damage. This can by large resolve the issues faced in the case of Spamhaus.4. What are the relevant legal issues in this case?There are multiple legal issues faced in the usage and application of Spamhaus. These pertain to the manner in which it operates its impact on the business enterprises, its accountability afterwards and most importantly its relevance to the local law of the land. The first is that of damages incurred in businesses due to the filter in the name of Spamhaus. An example of this form was seen in case of suing by a Chicago based company that took Spamhaus to the court for the losses caused due to this filtering technique.The within United States law jurisdiction working is another factor on legal front since its working falls outside the local laws rules and regulations. However despite this all, this case has enabled safe browsing to a very large degree and has made life easy online.Works cited:Portnoy, M., & Goodman, S. (2008). Global Initiatives to Secure Cyberspace: An Emerging Landscape. Springer.Zdziarski, J. (2005). Ending Spam: Bayesian Content Filtering and the Art of Statistical Language Classification. No Starch Press,.

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