Ethics Framework and Decision Making

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Submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Ethics Framework and Decision Making. A utilitarian brain surgeon would view a homeless and uneducated person as a useless figure in the society and therefore has no solid reason to live. When someone who is of these qualities finds himself on the verge of death with a utilitarian brain surgeon, he will be discouraged on his reason to live. On the other hand, a deontological brain surgeon will be the best because his belief is based on the metaphysical knowledge of the temperament of living things and their existence. For him, everything has its own reason of existence and in this case, he will encourage a hopeless person positively. When found in a situation where circumstances force someone to cheat in an exam, a utilitarian would advise the person not to cheat in his final examination because the value of passing exams depends on the utility of a person’s knowledge which is not there in this case. Passing after cheating would mean practically, one is still useless as he doesn’t depend on his brain. A deontologist would also say that if one fails, he will repeat the course and work harder, thus would disagree with cheating in exams no matter the circumstances. Today the world is full of many wrongdoings. Sin has become the order of the day. This brings up the question, can anyone go a day without sinning. The small things we do either when driven by emotion or at times feelings of desire. It is hard for someone to realize he or she has committed sin since sin has become part of man as he does this daily sometimes without even noticing. We look at some of the deadly sins which are slow anger, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, and lust. Slow anger is a very dangerous mood as it develops with time and when the anger gets to its bream it is very hard for a person to develop self-control and as a result, may end up partaking actions that he will regret later. This kind of rage is sometimes hereditary or inbuilt in the cause of time with respect to the environment around someone.

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