Ethics and Local Governance

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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Ethics and Local Governance.The council officers might be tempted to use this information in a manner that would not be proper or acceptable. It is indeed true that the employees of the council might be bound by rules and regulations which govern their conduct and ensures the confidentiality with respect to the information from the citizens. Nevertheless, despite such ethical requirements, some of the information might be used wrongly in a manner that can affect the citizens.Many of the council employees are constantly working to update the information or to get as much information as possible from the citizens. In such a case, they are bound by the rules to ensure that such information is only used for the intended purposed and should not even be accessed by unauthorized persons. It is therefore important for the workers to strictly adhere to all these rules and regulations in the most effective way and ensure that confidentiality is adhered to. In the same way, they should only obtain the relevant information and avoid getting anything that is not required by the council (Singer, 2004). This aspect therefore raises a very important ethical consideration which must be realized.The accuracy of the information that is kept in the index largely depends upon the sincerity of the citizens who avail the information. In some instances, some citizens might chose to provide inaccurate information which will eventually affect the overall information kept in the database. Common ethics require that the citizens comply with the requirements and provide as accurate information as possible. However, some people might choose to lie or give inaccurate information for their personal good. In this case, the council would be working on inaccurate information in the provision of its services in the area. It is very important that every citizen clearly understands why this

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