Ethical persuasive message

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Please answer the following 2 discussion questions:1.       You are a manager and just received news from upper management on a salary freeze. This means that employees will not receive their annual raises. Think about how you would deliver this news. What channel would you use to send the information? What approach would you use? What would you say? Provide an example to illustrate your thinking.2.       Think about an ad or commercial you have seen recently that you feel crosses an ethical line. Provide a brief description of the ad or commercial.  Why do you feel it is unethical? How would you re-write it to be an ethical persuasive message?o    Write to a purpose, and this will always be the assignment.  Your answers will have a conclusiono    Pay attention to Grammar rules and write to posted grading rubric(s)o    Write in the third persono    Do not write with “that or which” as they are unneeded pronounso    Do not use contractions such as didn’t instead spell out  did noto    Do not use same words over and over, learn to use a thesaurus, so words are not repetitive.   Make sure one uses the right words when writingo    Write in the active voice not passive voice

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