Essence of organisational theory

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The essence of organisational theory Moreover, supporters of the organizational theory argue that the concept of “stress” is central to the individual’s performance within an organization: “Stress is a person’s adaptive response to a stimulus that places excessive psychological or physical demands on that person” (Moorhead/Griffin, 1998, p.226). To this end, the organizational theory focuses on the impact of stressors on the psyche, which is argued to undermine work efficiency and relationships at work.Indeed, D. A. Whetten and K.S. Cameron highlight the point that “there is nothing more demoralizing than feeling you have a creative idea or a unique insight into a significant problem and then coming face to face with your organisational impotence……… these individuals learn quickly that only the naïve believe that the best recommendation gets selected, the most capable individual gets the promotion, and the deserving gets its fair share of the budget. These are the political decisions heavily influenced by the interests of the powerful” (Whetten & Cameron, 1993)They further highlight the point that ultimately the internal corporate disillusionment can be bred from toxic environments, however, simultaneously this perpetuates the negative assumption that “power corrupts”. Conversely, Kanter posited that “it is powerlessness that often creates ineffective, desultory management and petty, dictatorial, rules-minded managerial styles” (Kanter, 1979 at p.65).Accordingly, it is further submitted that in order to understand power dynamics in organizations it is important to understand that corporate organizations are inherently political and as such, the comprehension of power and influence in the organizational theory is vital to attain maximum corporate efficiency.The focus of this analysis is to critically evaluate the concept of power dynamics in the corporate world.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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