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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Comparative Discussion of Essays on Education. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The preceding analysis will seek to discuss the failures of logic that are represented throughout both of the world views and prescriptive changes that these aforementioned authors make. By analyzing these errors in judgment and failures to comprehend broader truth, the reader will be able to understand more effectively why the worldview of these particular authors should be dismissed and mostly shunned.The first author that will be discussed is Walter S Minot. Within his article “Students Who Push Burgers”, the author puts forward the understanding that everything that is wrong with University/college education can be traced to the fact that more and more young people are currently working. This great “evil” as the author understands it, is based upon his interpretation of how education should take place and the role that a dedicated unemployed student should exhibit towards learning. Exciting firsthand and uncorroborated evidence of his youth, the author points to the fact that “very few” individuals work part-time or full-time while they were in school. Firstly, it is necessary to note the fact that firsthand evidence without statistics for true universal levels of measurement is essentially useless. Whereas it might have been true that a few individuals within the author’s high school were working part-time or full-time jobs, this was but one of thousands of high schools that were represented throughout the country during this particular period of time. Furthermore, even if it were true that fewer individuals were working full-time or part-time jobs during the youth and adolescence of the author’s high school years, this does not affect any greater understanding. because this particular generation witnessed a very low number of individuals that went on to graduate from college and/or integrate with any higher level of education whatsoever. In fact, taking the devil’s advocate position, the reader could argue the fact that excessively low levels of employment within adolescents at this period of time had a direct relationship to the low levels of individuals that we’re integrating with a college degree in seeking out higher education as a means of bettering themselves.

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