Essay on Love

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Argumentative essay on Love , Made up story. Needs to be 2 pages. References would mean higher chances of being hired. Her friend Leila recommended her to her boss as a waitress. She was a dancer there. She had second thoughts about the job offer, because she did not have any waitressing experience. When she stopped college three months ago, the last job she handled was being a gasoline station cashier. She lost that job because her manager caught her sending text messages to her mother, who kept on reminding her to pay the electricity bill. But she needed a job. Nineteen years old did not seem too young to be a waitress. At least, it was not Hooters. Her mother was very conservative. She prayed the rosary two times a day, seven days a week. And she was already constantly sick, coughing as if she had ten dogs possessing her and barking inside her lungs.She thought about her family and how they needed her. She was thinking fast. What could she say to the manager? She promised that she was available for an interview this morning. She would have to tell the truth. Yes, honesty would count positively on her behalf.She went to the restaurant she was applying for. The manager was outside the restaurant smoking and he was talking to someone on his cell phone. He said goodbye to whomever he was talking to and said: “Estella! You missed your interview!” He shook his head with dismay. He looked 50 something years old. His olive skin contrasted with his pale lips. She said: “I am so sorry boss. My father called all of a sudden. He said we would meet at 711 at 11 PM and I waited until 3 am. I woke up late. Please give me a chance, I need this job!” The manager looked at her sternly. “Okay, you’re hired. But you will never be late again, okay?” “Yes,” she promised. He said: “You can start tomorrow.”The next day, while preparing for work, her father called her again. When she answered the phone, her father said: “I am sorry. I left

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