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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses HALTH.The findings from the interview would be summarized to respond to the following question: “Does marital satisfaction decrease with children?Two different sets of married couples were interviewed. One set had been married for more than five years and have three children. The other set of couples had been married for seven years but they did not have any children.The results of the interview are presented in tabular format as shown below:From the results of the interview, it could be deduced that marital satisfaction does not only depend on the factor of raising children. For both sets of couples, it could be observed that both were relatively happy and satisfied (with or without children). It is therefore evident that couples indeed would have wanted to have children, if given the chance. For the couples without children, it was relayed that they wanted to raise them but since the wife was already in her late or mature age when they got married, biological reasons prevented them doing so. As such, they learned to accept the fact that they could not have children and it was evident from their relationship that their satisfaction and happiness was not diminished by not having children.For the couple with three children, it was noted that children provided them with happiness that strengthened their marital bond. There were challenges in terms of meeting financial obligations and supporting the needs of the children. but this was accepted to be part of life. It was noted to have actually helped in striving to work harder to support the children’s needs and to try as much as they can to avail of much entertainment, leisure and relaxation as they could possibly accommodate.Overall, the interview results indicated that although children could have significantly contributed to providing happiness and a sense of fulfillment to married couples, this is not the sole factor that determines marital satisfaction. Even couples who do not have


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