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Essay Microsoft Office: Gaining Insight into the Life of a College Student (A). The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.of them have failed to develop an efficient online document processing applications, and there are the opportunities that can turnaround the destiny of the company. The company has to admit the reality that Facebook and Google are leading the show in various aspects of the game (Sawhney, 2014), and therefore, it has to suggest them to come forward, and have a joint venture. Three worldly known IT giants have to work together after all these years of dirty politics because nobody alone can meet the needs of the students.The Facebook will take charge of the socialization department. The search giant will manage the mailing side of the offer, and it will provide customized web-services as well. The Google being the most powerful player in the trio will maintain the networking. Additionally, both of the remaining companies have to do what they do best. This move may prove to be strategically important for all the three main competitors as with time firms need to grow and work upon innovative strategies.The Microsoft will provide online office package with the name of Office360 that will create revenue by following subscription model. The readers might think that the plan is too ambitious to work, but in real terms, it is making perfect sense. All they need to do is to see closely in order to realize the true potential of the project. Projects with well laid put plans can prove to be successful by Microsoft. Working on small milestones can allow the firm to achieve the overall mission of the organization.Microsoft does not have any viable brand name in web services industry, and it focused on hardware side of the computing. Therefore the main target audience of web services industry is diverted towards other competitors. The Google on the other hand worked on search technologies, and developed competence in the networking as well. Google became highly successful in the area of search technologies and over powered its competitors by high margins. It has been

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