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Essay MEMO. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.By using the mobile application automated services, the county government will be in a position to curb many of their challenges such as corruption as all payments will be done on a particular banking pool, leaving no chance of the money into person individual pockets as has been the previous occurrence.Despite the fact that this particular study is still in its preliminary stages, I have it in plan to organize the proposal by describing various sub-topics of research, which addresses various aspects pertaining to the automation of services at the county offices by the use of mobile application systems.•The first aspect of the proposal would be the identification of the common problems at the county government offices, which include corruption, availability of ghost workers in payroll lists, and slow processing of services.•The major challenges attributed to the problems stated above include reduced revenue collection as more money ends in the pockets of few individuals, funds needed to run the government services. Additionally, poor management and use of outdated systems equally contribute towards loss of cash from double payments made in particular workers’ accounts together with the payment of wages to non-existent workers.•Finally, the mobile application system would work to provide solutions to the challenges mentioned above in such a way that payments would be done to a single pool ensuring that no cash lands in the handle of individual county government workers. In addition to such, automation of services would eliminate the instances of ghost workers emergence.For the successful application of the proposal, I have structured a number of methods that will be necessary for working the plan. The process involves developing a particular mobile application to be used by the clients in connecting with the government. Currently, the application is ready for use. What remains for the use of project is the development of the necessary

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