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Write this on especially the last, many people get this one wrong. This is my last chance to pass.For each of the following five sentences:(i) Identify the verb phrase.(ii) Name the structure.(iii) Label the parts of the structure.(iv) Describe the functional meaning conveyed by the verb in the sentence.Examples: I start work at seven every morning.(i) start(ii) present simple(iii) base form(iv) a routineI was living in Peru at the time.(i) was living(ii) past continuous(iii) auxiliary ‘be’ (past tense) + present participle(iv) an activity in progress at a specified time in the pastQuestion 1I went to Thailand last year to teach.Answer:1.Went to2.past simple3.Main verb ‘go’ + past tense4.An action which has been completed at a particular time in the pass.Comment: 3) cannot be “go” plus past tense as you only have to label “went”.Question 2She can speak Mandarin.Answer:1.Can,Speak2.Present Simple3.Modal verb ‘Can’+ Main verb ‘speak'(infinitive)4.An ability or skillComment: Correct.Question 3I’m seeing the director tomorrow.Answer:1.I am seeing2.Present continuous3.Present simple of ‘Be'(am)+ present participle of main verb4.A decided future eventComment: Correct.Question 4He’s been a teacher for ten years.Answer:1. Has Been2. Present perfect3. Auxilliary verb ‘have/has’+ past participle4. An action started in the past and continues to the presentComment: Correct.Question 5The school was founded in 2002.Answer:1. Was founded2. Past simple passive3. auxilary verb ‘be’ past simple + main verb past particle4. Something which began in the past and still continuesComment: Yes, this is a passive but what is the function compared to the active, “They founded the school in 2002”? Thank you for your submission however you need to redo task 1, 3) and task 5, 4). Kind Regards Esme Noakes Online TEFL TutorQuestion 1I went to Thailand last year to teach.Answer:1.Went to2.past simple3.Main verb ‘go’ + past tense main verb ‘go’ + past tense (infinitive) or went + infinitive 4.An action which…

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