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Justifying Moral Decisions

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Submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Equal Importance of Reason and Emotion in Justifying Moral Decisions. However moral values are always theoretical. Consequently, there had been a difference of opinion among the scholars and philosophers, while defining moral values. In addition, there had been widespread debate over the applicability of reason and emotion to justify moral decisions. One such philosopher, David Hume argued that reason can be construed as a slave to the personal emotions. In contrast to this, Kant addressed the importance of reason in the process of taking moral decisions. Antonio Damsio, the author of Descartes’ Error, had maintained that the theories of Hume and Kant cannot be correct, because reason and emotion do not oppose each other diametrically. He also stated that the processes that take place in the brain were intertwined and complicated (Ingham).

The human brain plays a key role in the moral decision making process, whenever the situation warrants such a decision. The brain acts according to the situation in which the moral decision had been taken. In situations, where it is necessary to take some action with regard to a moral dilemma, several factors have to be taken into consideration, before arriving at a correct resolution for the moral dilemma. Furthermore, it is important to apply the highest possible rational deliberation (Moral Judgment Fails Without Feelings).

In certain situations, there could be a need to take immediate decisions. In such circumstance the emotions would take an active part in resolving the issue on hand.


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