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Environment Hormone Mimics

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Write 11 page essay on the topic Environment Hormone Mimics. They may result in developmental disorders such as birth defects and cancerous tumors. Scientists and medical experts have established that environmental hormone mimics cause cognitive and brain developmental problems, such as severe attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities. They can also cause physical deformations of various parts of the body such as limbs, and can cause sexual, developmental problems including the feminization of males or producing of masculine characteristics in females (Colborn, Saal & Soto, 1993).Hormones control most of the human body’s functions. They range from the maintenance of body heat, to growth and reproduction. For example, the pituitary and adrenal glands each secrete several hormones. Once released, these hormones travel to their target cells through the blood, where they bind to their receptors in a ‘lock and key’ fashion. Their binding triggers intracellular machinery, which brings about the desired response from the cell.

Although hormones are quite large and complex molecules, they interact with their receptors in a rather simple way which simpler chemicals can emulate. However, only the hormone can elicit the normal response that result from binding to its receptors. The mimicking molecules only bind to the receptors, but do not trigger the desired response associated with the hormone. Thus, it prevents the hormone from binding to the receptor and elicits an undesired response. Some hormone mimics act by latching onto the hormone receptor and triggering a spurious response which may send associated body functions into overdrive. Consequently, the essential body function the hormone mediates alters in an adverse way. Ultimately, pathological states result which interfere with the life of the affected person or may even be lethal.


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