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Entwistle asserts

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1. Entwistle asserts: “those with whom we disagree often have things to teach us… [we must] ask ourselves what is to be learned and appreciated” from those with whom we disagree. Identify at least 3 things that you appreciate/can learn from those who hold the secular combatants’ or Christian combatants’ versions of the Enemies model. You are required to write an essay of at least 500 words in response to a provided prompt. You must support your assertions with at least 3 citations in current APA format. You may use the course textbooks, scholarly articles and the Bible as sources.  Please include a title page and reference page. No plagiarism whatsoever please. I need this paper by Sunday afternoon I will not pay until it’s done to make sure it’s not plagiarism.  APA 6th edition Please properly cite and reference your sources Scholarly sources & bible Please avoid plagiarism  Please do not visits sites with posted, completed essays such as coursehero.com; you do not want to consult the completed work of other students or online posts  No other sources are required.] But please do not copy and paste statements, sentences, or portions of your textbook.   Your paper will get flagged by Safeassign as it detects when a paper contains portions, organized ideas, and/or entire statements/sections of published, submitted, or online work (such as found in textbooks, online sources, and even other students’ already submitted papers). Plagiarism is the failure to give attribution to the words, ideas or information of others on papers, projects or any assignment prepared for a course. It includes, but is not limited to . . .omitting quotation marks or other conventional markings around material quoted from any source; paraphrasing, summarizing, or quoting a passage from a source without referencing the source; submitting work previously used to fulfill academic requirements for any course at any institution at any level, including Liberty University, without permission from both faculty members; purchasing or acquiring material of any kind and representing it as one’s own work; and replicating another person’s work and submitting it as one’s own work.http://wsb.to/&cHKfBMy textbook:  chapter 8 & 9 ,Understanding and Making Models The References of the book. Entwistle, David N. (2018). Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, 3rd Edition


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