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Write 5 page essay on the topic Entrepreneurship Acunu Ltd.Using the above approach the objectives of Acunu Ltd could be described as follows: a) the firm emphasizes the use of information as a strategic tool for supporting daily operations of firms in all industries. in fact it is the rapid, even on real-time, process of information/ data on which Acunu Ltd focuses in order to secure its competitiveness in the UK market. b) Acunu Ltd has developed a unique software programme, the Acunu Analytics, which is able to offer data analysis support of high quality using advanced features, as described in the organizational website. the promotion of this programme, as the basis of its services, is among the key objectives of Acunu Ltd. c) Acunu Analytics, the key programme of Acunu Ltd, addresses businesses in all sectors. there are no specific criteria set by the firm in regard to the provision of its services. this means that the above programme can be applied in a quite wide business area. the approach used by Acunu Analytics for communicating with its potential customers can be characterized as generalist approach (Kozami 2002), not being limited on the basis of specific terms.A successful mission statement needs to be broad so that it cannot easily become ‘outdated if the business changes its objectives/ priorities’ (Lamb et al. 2008, p.35). Moreover, such mission statement would focus ‘on the market that the firm is interested to attract’ (Lamb et al. 2008, p.35). a description only of the goods/ services of a business would not constitute an effective mission statement. In Acunu Ltd there is no a clear description of the mission statement. after reviewing the organizational website the following mission statement would result: the firm aims to help businesses to secure their growth by using their data more wisely.As a concept, business vision is usually related to the identification of ‘a unique path for the business’ (Wenger 2007, p.19), i.e. a path that would make the business to secure its competitiveness.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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