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Enter of the machine

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Respond to this: I honestly do not know if I would enter the machine. If I did I would probably want it to be forever because if it was just for a short amount of time I would come out of it knowing everything that happened and if what happened in it was something I liked a lot because I made it specifically what I wanted it to be it would be bad. I would be missing whatever it was that I wanted so much and focusing on what happened there instead of what was happening in real life once I got back. I do not really agree that people would not enter the machine forever because they would want their lives to be based on reality because if they were in the machine and forgot everything about their real life that would be their reality. The machine would be what is real and they would know nothing of their real lives before they entered it. The reason I think most people would not enter the machine forever is because they would be making the decision to leave their family and friends forever. Some people would though and they might feel guilt while making the decision and putting it into action but afterwords they would not know of the reasons they felt guilty in the first place because they would forget everything other than their new reality in the machine whatever they made it to be.


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