Enlightenment of Literary Hero’s

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Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Enlightenment of Literary Hero’s Motivates Readers. &nbsp.This paper will consider how Campbell’s monomyth of enlightenment influences readers to pursue enlightenment in their lives (Bloom and Hobby 53). The book titled The Hero with a Thousand Faces which Campbell authored in order to describe the similarities he had observed in a diverse range of mythology techniques from different cultures has been an influential read to many people. After a rigorous research process, Campbell focused on a narrowed field named comparative mythology. In this field, he was able to familiarize himself with myths and narratives from Mesopotamia and even the modern western society (Bloom and Hobby 88). After consideration of a diverse range of myths from societies across the globe, he settled on authoring the highly influential text that has been a selected literature book for schools and to researchers. In his description of different myths, he identified a unique pattern which was observable across all the regions in their myths. He named it a monomyth pattern because of its universality across different cultures (Bloom and Hobby 64). According to him, this pattern is evident in every story that has existed in different societies. It is common in books and also serves as a guideline in the development.

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