Enhancing productivity within an organization

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Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Enhancing Productivity Within an Organization: The of Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic focuses on delivering the best healthcare services to all its patients and believes in handling most difficult cases with tertiary care. The hospital spends more than $500 million per year in its practice and research. It has been 150 years Mayo Clinic has been operating in the healthcare sector and provided continuous quality services to all its patients. The hospital encompasses the world’s best practitioners along with a wide array of treatment ranging from heart disease and cancer to urology and respiratory disorders. Mayo Clinic over the years has served a large base of patients and has been continuously involved in medical research. There is a wide range of departments in the hospital and it becomes essential to bring forth work collaboration amongst all the team members. The hospital comprises of majorly two divisions such as research department and department of medical facilities. However, the departments can be further segmented such as internal medicine, health sciences research, surgery, pathology, laboratory medicine, etc. In such a scenario where there are multiple departments, it becomes important to bring about synchronization so that intergroup conflict can be effectively avoided. There have been certain problems identified in the hospital which is adversely affecting the overall group productivity. The major issues are in the form of conflict in a role within the groups, problems in terms of communication amongst team members, lack of group cohesiveness encompassing diverse members and intergroup conflict. Role conflict has a major impact on a group’s productivity. This problem majorly arises when there are a diverse set of expectations from other team members. It can occur within a single role or across a wide array of roles. Intra role conflict is majorly observed in situations where an individual is expected to perform different roles.&nbsp.

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