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Enhanced Learning

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Enhanced Learning. Number] Enhanced Learning Many teachers confronts difficulties in upholding academic levels in today’s bigger and more diversified learning sessions. The issue becomes more evident if learning results are considered as more a meaning of students’ activities than of their permanent traits. The teacher’s role is then to organize the leaning background so that all students are more likely to utilize the greater order learning procedures which academic students employ instinctively. This may be obtained when all elements are aligned, so that goals express the kinds of learning that is required from the students, the mentors motivates students to practice the enhanced learning activities likely to obtain those understandings, also the examination tasks express students what actions are needed of them. It also tells the teachers how well the goals are being met (Carneiro). Additionally, the use of strategies throughout daily routine to remember numerous facts and concepts needed is important for all. Strategy builds an important area of enhanced learning experience. They help in organizing information into designs and motivate objective based learning. The intellect of a human brain is selective. It tends to recall information that creates an unforgettable design. The development of enhanced learning requires some critical aspects like:Easy and prompt accessibility to information.Permit students to nurture editing talents.Motivates crucial thinking skills through offering additional information. One thinks beyond the obvious and may arrive at different types of conclusion. Familiarizes learners with alternative procedures of communication required in the professional arena like discussion boards, forums, or emails. Technology friendly enhanced learning programs can inspire motivation and interest (Xhafa). The application of enhanced learning can be widely used in various fields, especially subjects which require substantial amount of research work and understanding of facts. For instance, the field of geology. Field trips are an important part in the study of geology as it helps the students to gain a complete understanding of the complexities involved in the study. For example, they offer the student with a practical perceptive of spatial geometrics of structural and sedimentary features. Some findings may require additional research work and may require visiting different areas as well. The structure of the earth, its origin and different types of buried fossils are found with research and exploration. Through enhanced learning practices which have been described above, field trips can be made more useful and supportive in the learning outcomes of the participants. Such as enhanced learning by the utilization of field simulators and documenting learning in the field trip. As we all know geology is a field of exploration and experimentation. The more one investigates on the findings, the more interesting and adventurous the study becomes. Hence, enhanced learning procedures allow the students and all individuals in general to learn things in an interesting way. In depth learning paths are formed and one starts building conclusions on the various evidences found. This further allows the individual to publish their research and findings for other professionals in the same field. Work CitedCarneiro, Roberto.&nbsp.Self-Regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments. Springer, 2011. Print.Xhafa, Fatos.&nbsp.Computational Intelligence for Technology Enhanced Learning. Barcelona: Springer, 2013. Print.


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