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Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses English Formal Report.Secondly, all the information regarding requirements, characteristics for successful promotion, pluses and minuses of future work must be collected and analyzed thoroughly. Thirdly, reasonable comparison of the first two factors and making logical conclusions is the step toward future career (Brown, 2002). It is proved that when people make conscious choice of their profession rather than catch the first option they are much more satisfied with their lives later. Getting all possible information about perspective occupation thus is especially important step.Among numerous possible professions I dwelled on the careers of psychologist and human resources manager as perspective, interesting, and potentially profitable occupations. Both professions presuppose close interaction with people and constant communication. Receiving basic education in one of the spheres is also a compulsory condition of starting a career.Studying psychology professionally presupposes wide range of professions according to a degree received. This science specializes in human behavior and brain work connection research. It also aims to distinguish correlation between social environment and human behavior (APA Guide, 1995). It is important that this sphere is abundant with employment opportunities. In the most recent research regarding growth probability for different occupations the occupation of psychologist was on the 6th place in the rating. This is a clear evidence of favorable conditions of career development. It was estimated that around 93% of all graduates in psychology were employed or accepted to graduate programs. This occupation usually has options in clinical /counseling psychology, concentration on scientific studies, and applied psychology. Those professionals, who choose scientific direction conduct experiments, do teaching in colleges or consult patients. Clinical

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