Energy use in developing countries

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Write an essay on Energy use in developing countries ((In indea )). It needs to be at least 500 words.The countries that are under industrial revolution are three to four times less in energy consumption than the developing states. Energy supply is based on coal, whereby, the developing countries tend to rely on coal in conjunction with renewable energies rather than nuclear energy as gas and oil (Verma, 2008, P.124). Strategy documents for the reduction of poverty are hitherto under the control of the energy cooperation. Furthermore, there is framework strategy of cooperation that is. aspect in horizontal war where the basis is of two factors, reform of energy, and technology transfer. Moreover, there is demand-side and the supply-side cooperation.Diversification of energy is essential in that it enhances the use of different types of energy other than relying on the primary source such as gas, oil, and fossils. Long-term objectives are in place to guarantee the access of core energy servicing to individuals for a longer period of term (Anderson, 2008, P.87). Development plans of India should have horizontal energy integration in order to manage the long-term strategy. Furthermore, the institutional support should offer technical networking and assistance.The energy systems have several polluting factors that are alarming. They can cause harm to an individual, and if not put into consideration, its impact is massive. Some of the factors include. A-Bo, this contains elements like abatement, activism, and Addams that are harmful. In addition, there is air pollution which has hence put into propel the air pollution control act. Other factors might be br-co, co-ea, and the ec-fi factors. This is converter by a catalyst, the diesel dilution and lastly the electromagnetic fields, which usually cause harm to human era (International energy agency, 2009, P.2009).It is pertinent that the renewable energy and wastes forms about one fourth of energy use in India. Coherently

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