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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Energy for Today and Tomorrow: Solar Energy. I have particularly chosen solar energy technology due to its numerous advantages and its promise as the main source of energy for tomorrow. For example, solar energy is currently being lauded as a renewable energy source that is both pollution and noise free. In addition, the technology has been widely praised for its versatility. For example, solar cells have a potential of generating power for the domestic buildings and futuristic cars just as easily as it may be used to power satellites in the space.An important limitation of solar energy is that it can not work at night without storage devices like batteries and is often unreliable during cloudy weather. Solar technologies are also still relatively expensive to most people. However, despite some of the few drawbacks, the recent gains in efficiency, as well as the rapidly falling prices, have seen the use of solar energy has significantly surge within the last decade. As the global energy needs continue to grow and the supply of fossil fuel increasingly diminishing, solar energy is currently one of the alternative energy sources that hold a promise to for the future.As long as a person has a solar PV, he can be assured of energy supply even during cloudy days. To ensure continuous energy supply, users resorting to PV have to acquire batteries for storage of energy. On the same note, people wishing to adopt this manner of solar energy production have to acquire the solar PV which is expensive. A project aimed at constructing a solar array with the ability to power the whole earth using the contemporary solar technology would need to cater for costs in different aspects of the implementation of the given energy system.Solar cell costs would tune to around $59 trillion. the transportation, processing, manufacturing and mining facilities constructed to fulfill the solar goals would tune to $44 trillion. the batteries required for power storage for use during evening hours would tune to $ 20.

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