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Compose a 2500 words essay on End of Course . Financial Markets and Risk. A number of recessions or financial crisis that has been witnessed across the globe is as a result of the Systematically Important Financial Institutions. It is axiomatic to argue that the financial crises of 2007/2008 just like the financial crisis of the 1930’s post a great dilemma for many observers and the world at large. Whether unprecedented or otherwise, the truth is that it brought with it great damage to the society. (Taylor, 2011) Adopting some of the best priorities to deal with the issues and avoid a repeat of the same is the main focus of different policy makers globally.The first section of the paper discusses the Systematically Important Financial Institution and threat they pose to the economy. The second phase looks at the 2007/2008 economic crisis and how the Systematically Important Financial Institution was responsible for it. It goes further to recommend some of the best ways to deal with the problem in the future.The definition and structure of the Systematically Important Financial Institution is dependent on the potential of the institution to cause financial destruction. An institution becomes more relevant when it has a high level or probability to cause serious destruction to the economy. On the positive side, Systematically Important Financial Institution is defined going by their relevant viability in leading to a smooth growth and functioning of an economy. Therefore the positive looks at the good part with regards to positive effects to the entire population. Both negative and positive sides reflect the question on whether the Systematically Important Financial Institution are necessary and are indispensable to any financial system or whether they are dangerous and should be done away with. In other words, Systematically Important Financial Institution can create some of the best sides of the

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