Emotional state is elicited and shaped

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Compose a 3000 words essay on Explore the way in which one or more emotional state is elicited and shaped by a particular film, focussing on the consequences of formal and stylistic choices for our emotional experience of the film. These include hypnosis, repeated phrases, music and facial muscle movement. Of all the methods used in elicitation of emotions, films are the only easily standardized method and entail little deception that is mostly seen in other methods. Films also present a higher degree of ecological acceptability in that they combine both the visual and auditory stimuli. As a consequence of the combination, films easily elicit a variety of emotions. The ability of a film to evoke an emotion is then compared to other films (Plantinga, 2009, p.71).Films can also elicit various cognition patterns to the audience. General cognition such as memory, assimilation and meta-cognition are enhanced by the film. Most cognitive effects of films relates to the information presentation and the atmosphere induced by the film. It is a normal phenomenon for instance, violence film to elicit violence. The elaboration of this effect is related to the significant cognitive effects of the film.The film Crash elicits a variety of emotional state in the audience. The emotional states elicited majorly relates with the theme of the film and the characters’ interaction in the film (Coan & Allen, 2007, p. 52).Crash is a recent film produced in 2004. Paul Haggis is the producer, co-writer and also contributed to its direction. The film addresses two major concerns including racial tension and the social tension in Los Angeles, California. Crash was inspired by a real life experience where Haggis Porsche was suffered a carjacking in 1991 at Wilshire Boulevard (Villalba & Redmond 2008, p. 72)The characters for the story include a white attorney and the wife, a black detective who had a younger brother and a gang associates. There is a white racist police officer who annoys his more critical partner. It entails a Persian immigrant and an industrious Hispanic locksmith who is a family man. The films stand outs distinctively from other films in that is relatively

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