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Emerson and Thoreau

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Write an argumentative essay on Emerson and Thoreau. Needs to be 1 pages.rts that, “that was a religious exercise.” Waking up for the narrator requires bodily and spiritual rebirth, achieved through a bath in the pond, and faith in the new day.One of the themes that can be extracted from the statement includes religion. This theme illustrates the strong faith of the narrator at his developing state. During dawn, Thoreaus unusual symbol of inspiration is observed and read when the narrator states that bathing in the pond is “one of the best things which I did.” Inspiration is the other theme spelled out in the statement (Thoreau 59). This is because the narrator no longer believes that he initially shared with the large community, otherwise known as “sleepers.”Personally, I remind myself of the preceding life I used to lead using a photograph of myself, taken when I was undergoing therapy. This way, if I happen to be doing something that might wind me back in therapy, I can easily avoid it. The strong influence that the picture provides assists me in going about my activities (Thoreau 70).Thoreau considers that this chapter of the text does not recognize the civil disobedience of the people from the community. The narrator opens up a similarity of his image at the first part of the chapter and the end. At first, the narrator defines the poet as someone with the capability to “separate” himself from the scenery that was of value to his soul. This way, “civil disobedience” assists in retaining his mind in his backdrop is carried off to what is produced as a transporter (Thoreau 211). Personally, Thoreaus rebellion was justified in order to protect his own identity and


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