Elements of HR strategies

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Writean article on what can the hrm department contribute to the development of successful leadership within organization Paper must be at least 1000 words. Thus, paper would be broadly discussing the various elements of HR strategies that promote leadership initiatives within organization for improved performance. HRM and leadership development within organization HRM is intrinsically linked to the people and effective HR strategy is aware of the versatility in the work ideology and functioning. In the emerging challenges of the changing business equations, the organizational leadership redefines strategic goals to create versatility and flexibility of the contemporary work environment. Kotter (1995) asserts that HR strategies promote dynamic leadership which is versatile and capable of exploiting the potential of workers as per the demands of the changing situation. It therefore, helps create effective team that is capable of overcoming the barriers of cross cultural values, self interest and lack of understanding. Leadership initiatives of HRM meeting the challenges of organizational change The organizational change can broadly be defined as the ability of management to identify and incorporate the factors that increase output and improve the performance outcome of the organization.

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