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Of the nine service related elements listed (personnel contact quality, information quality, ordering procedures, order accuracy, order condition, order quality, order timeliness, and order discrepancy handling), the four relating to the physical aspects of the order provide a logical subgrouping to focus on. Order accuracy, condition, quality, and timeliness provide an objective set of parameters that can be built upon.           Order Accuracy identifies how closely the items received measure against the perception of those requested during the ordering process. On the surface this can be measured with a fill rate metric but should extend deeper to capture disconnects such as when there are unit of measure discrepancies (orders for “each” are filled with a case of goods or when sizings become unclear such as children verus adult clothes). The ultimate goal is accuracy of meeting the customer’s expectation. This is important for driving fulfilment efficiency (i.e., cost effectiveness) as well as minimizing the customer recovery costs of handling returns and reshipments when order accuracy is not met.


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