Electronic waste management

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Write an assignmment on electronic waste management approaches. Managing electronic waste is a pollution problem rapidly increasing all over the world. The increase can be attributed to the technological innovations of electrical gadgets that replaces the analogue machines. The number of electrical appliances disposed in developed countries is much higher than those in developing countries. In developing countries, the main source of the electronic wastes is the electrical appliances from the developed countries. Several researchers have shown that polyhalogenated and other toxic metals from the electronic waste can pose serious threat to the lives of people as well as their environment. The disposal of electronic waste affects the health of humans in two ways. First, one can get contaminated through the food chain. Secondly, direct exposure to workers carrying out the duties at the disposal site. Since the discovery of toxic substance in electronic waste, there has been inadequate laws all over the world governing effective management of electronic waste. This has exposed the environment to risks. Large quantities of electronic waste are majorly recycled in developing nations. The number of landfills has been on the rise in both developing and developed countries. Presently there is extensive research on electronic waste management in order to minimize the problems, both at the international as well as the national levels. Research involves sorting components that could be precious metals and those that can be recycled. Several tools such as LCA, MCA, MFA and EPR approach can greatly improve most of the problems related electronic waste. Studies conducted using LCA in various countries indicate that, recycling is the most recommended plot for managing electronic waste. Finally to mitigate the electronic waste, its the role of every citizen to take responsibility in matters related disposal of electronic waste.ReferencesPeeranart Kiddee, Ravi Naidu & Ming Wong H.(2012). Waste management. Journal of electronic waste management approaches:An overview.

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